Why Squabbler?

It creates compelling content

We filter out the junk and promote the best

It Identifies INFLUENCERS in Your Audience

Give voice to the ones that have an opinion


They stay longer, come back more often and create revenue opportunities


No need to be technical or have a big staff

Designed to engage

How it works?

Pose a question to your audience.

Users submit their own video responses.

Squabbler moderates submissions and flags the best ones for your approval. You approve the best ones to appear on your site.

The conversation really takes off and you've got real engagement.

Easy to use

Product Features

Seriously Simple Setup

Embed our short code snippet into any webpage, blog, Content Management System, or mobile site. Customize the look and feel to compliment your brand.

Record Videos on Any Device

Users can record response videos instantly from their desktop webcam or smartphone via Instagram, Tumblr or Vine.

Highlight the Good

Let your audience tell you what they like. Users are incentivized to vote on videos, which pushes the best content to the top of the queue.

Filter Out the Bad (5 minute rule)

Within five minutes of a submission, Squabbler reviews all new user videos for quality, relevance, and inappropriate content, then notifies you when great content is ready to be published.

Only What You Need, Nothing You Don't

The very easy-to-use Video Management System (VMS) lets you create and manage new questions in seconds, moderate submissions, and view performance analytics.

Understand What Works

See which questions and subjects excite your audience and drive active engagement through our simple reporting interface.

Loved by others

Our Partners

Some of the world's most recognizable publishers use the Squabbler platform to power video engagement and monetize the debate and discussion that naturally occurs around web content.

Let's get started.

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